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John was born in 1967 and was adopted shortly after by George and Judy. John grew up in East Long Beach California and developed his early mechanical skills fixing lawn movers and small motorcycles. He expanded his mechanical skills at 15 when he moved up to building and repairing larger motorcycles and classic cars. In July of 1985, shortly after turning 18, he joined the United States Marine Corps where he developed into the man he is today. John’s attention to detail, get it done attitude and ability to work hard and push himself were key factors in his career as a technician and future business owner.

John stayed a USMC reservist while securing a position in vehicle maintenance at the McDonnell Douglas plant in Torrance, CA. During his 4 years there, he was introduced to a large variety of material handling equipment. His mentor and lead man C. Smith, was instrumental in John’s skill and knowledge of industrial equipment and helped lay the foundation of John’s lift truck background. John owes a lot to Mr. Smith for his personal and career growth.

When John was laid off from McDonnell Douglas in Sept. 1990, he found a new home at Clark Lift of California in Pico Rivera. John started out high on the pay scale due to a favorable background from MD. He quickly became a “Team Leader” in the “South Bay” area and had 13 technicians under his guidance. Due to a merger with “Power Lift” and severe management changes, John left the newly formed Power Lift and helped establish a new “Clark” dealership in the same area. Being there at the beginning to see a brand new company get off the ground was priceless. As one of the first technicians at the new “Clark”, or as it was known back then, “Pacific Coast Clark”, long hours and a heavy work load were common. After a few years of building “Pacific Coast Clark” with some of his longtime friends, John became discouraged by the company’s mismanagement and poor integrity with customers and employees. After working so hard to build the Clark dealership, he started working a second job as an independent mechanic from 5pm-midnight. This allowed him to generate the initial revenue he needed to quit his 40hr a week job and start “2nd Shift Lift”.

Because of his experience in the industry, John saw a need for a truly 24 hour service company which catered to after-hours repairs. Hence, 2nd Shift Lift was born on April 17, 1997 and incorporated in September 1999, on the advice of our CPA and attorney. With an old Chevy box van previously used to sell shoes at swap meets, John hit the road fixing his new customer’s lifts. Between Amtrak and United Food Group (his first two customers), John made sales calls to potential clients to increase his service base. In early 1999, the company had finally grown enough that it was able to afford replacing the old van with a new one. Pretty soon “2nd Shift” had grown to a point that it needed additional technician, so two late model vans were purchased. Hiring employees was a little bit of a challenge since not only was it home based business; the office was in the corner of a bedroom. The office was moved to the dining room for a few months and two road mechanics and an office person were hired. A new location was secured in December 1999 at 2281 E. Carson St. in Long Beach for a few years until moving to its present location.

In June of 2004, a new location was purchased and the company moved to Santa Fe Springs, CA. With a shop, larger projects were accomplished and a bigger image was developed. More technicians and vans were added to the fleet and the company continued to grow. More office staff was also needed so additional employees were hired to do billing and parts support for the technicians.

A hurdle occurred in late 2006 when John went through a divorce and had to regroup and restructure the company. The name was changed from 2nd Shift Lift to Quality Lift & Equipment in 2007 and John hired two of his children to make the company a true family venture. A full parts department was developed with Josh as a Bendi and Drexel Dealer under the Landoll corporate umbrella. Carole took over much of the office duties so John could run the company and venture further into used equipment and rentals.

Quality Lift has weathered a rough economy and continues to grow through the ideals of its founder.


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